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9 Things to Quit Doing Now If You Want Happier Relationships

9 Things to Quit Doing Now If You Want Hap­pier Rela­tion­ships by Eliz­a­beth Stone Ever felt that lin­ger­ing sense of dis­sat­is­fac­tion when it comes to your love life? Like it’s not as good as it’s all cracked up to be? It’s a really com­mon prob­lem, and often being unhappy with the way things are going has a lot to do with some specific …

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Why Do Weeds Grow in the Garden of Your Marriage?

Why Do Weeds Grow in the Gar­den of Your Mar­riage?    Jack and Janet Mar­riage prob­lems are real. They are just as real as weeds that live in our yards and in our gar­dens. And the prin­ci­ple that allows them to live isjust as real as the prin­ci­ple that allows weeds to live. Weeds and mar­riage prob­lems require the right envi­ron­ment for them to live. …

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How to Fulfill Your Man’s Innermost Cravings

By Bob Grant What do men really want? And why is it so hard to learn how to under­stand men? There is a myth that men are simple-minded crea­tures with a one-track mind for phys­i­cal plea­sure. The truth though is men crave var­i­ous col­ors of emo­tional ful­fill­ment just as women do… Men just don’t show it or even know how to express it. Here’s a quick look …

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How to Turn a Booty Call Into a Real Relationship

Today on Dig­i­tal Romance TV, Mike and Nora share their insights and expe­ri­ences on booty calls…   Watch as they dis­cuss: 1. If it is really pos­si­ble to turn a booty call into a real rela­tion­ship. 2. How to han­dle a booty calls and things you need to con­sider in this kind of set-up. 3. About their per­sonal “friends with ben­e­fits“ (FWB) and booty call expe­ri­ences.   http://digitalromanceinc.com/tv/booty-call-turn-real-relationship/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=22882&utm_campaign=drdigest68

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Without Intimacy And Passion, Your Partner May Feel More Like A Roommate Than A Soul Mate. Here Are 2 Ways To Get Close Again

With­out Inti­macy And Pas­sion, Your Part­ner May Feel More Like A Room­mate Than A Soul Mate. Here Are 2 Ways To Get Close Again Are you liv­ing under the same roof with your part­ner but lead­ing sep­a­rate lives? Does your rela­tion­ship feel bor­ing and rou­tine? Time, respon­si­bil­i­ties and stress can do a num­ber on even the clos­est rela­tion­ships. What starts off as …

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