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The Fun Starts When The Party Begins

The Pearl Vibrator

Pearl Vibra­tor Take your plea­sure to new heights with this incred­i­ble Pearl vibe.  . If you are in the mood for some inti­mate plea­sure, then this rotat­ing, gyrat­ing, vibrat­ing Pearl vibe is per­fect for you ‘O’ and let’s not for­get the vibrat­ing ele­phant tusks & trunk for incred­i­ble clit stim­u­la­tion! The rota­tion of the (non-jamming) beads in the shaft is …

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41 Promises EVERY Self-Respecting Woman Should Make to Herself in 2016

41 Promises EVERY Self-Respecting Woman Should Make to Her­self in 2016 Rhonda Cort Last week, we cleared, cleansed and refreshed for the new year. The next step is to make sure you show up as the self-respecting, high value woman you truly are. Here’s how… Already read last week’s arti­cle “Ladies! Are You Ready for Romance in the New Year?” Then you’re ready for the next step! Instead of …

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6 Negative Thoughts That Are Normal In A LTR, Because It’s Not All Roses & Butterflies

6 Neg­a­tive Thoughts That Are Nor­mal In A LTR, Because It’s Not All Roses & But­ter­flies   TERESA NEWSOME True love is beau­ti­ful. And ugly. For every moment of magic, there will most likely be two moments of anger, hurt, frus­tra­tion, and bore­dom. That doesn’t mean you and your honey aren’t a great match, though. Negative feel­ings are nor­mal in long-term …

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Christmas is Right Around the Corner

Christ­mas is Right Around the Cor­ner   FEATHER RIDING CROP Fan­tasy Feather Rid­ing Crop   One crack of this Fan­tasy Feather Crop and your lover will know who’s in charge! First tease them with the feath­ers, then please them with a smack of the crop. It hurts so good      $14.00    http://www.forgirlsonlyparties.com/Feather-Fantasy-Riding-Crop-p2748.html   SATIN LOVE MASK Cre­ate thrilling sex­ual excite­ment with …

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We All Lie, But why do men seem to lie more?

We All Lie, But why do men seem to lie more? posted by N.Piat A while back, I had a client come into my office feel­ing pretty bummed out, and she was in need of rela­tion­ship help.  She had been in a pretty seri­ous rela­tion­ship with a guy for a lit­tle more than two years and they recently moved in together. However, …

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