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7 Reasons NOT to Makeup After a Breakup

7 Rea­sons NOT to Makeup After a Breakup  Debra Yuska    Let’s face it, those first few weeks after a breakup can be a roller-coaster ride of all kinds of emo­tions, from sad­ness, to not really over the rela­tion­ship, to not ready to move on, to won­der­ing if you made the right deci­sion, and even con­tem­plat­ing the pos­si­bil­ity ofget­ting back together again. And …

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Understanding Affairs and Why They Happen…

Under­stand­ing Affairs and Why They Hap­pen… by James Earl Affairs are like hand grenades under rela­tion­ships. When a cou­ple asks me to help them repair the dam­age, I usu­ally offer them some plain facts first. • In the UK, about 50% of long term rela­tion­ships end in sep­a­ra­tion or divorce. (Most peo­ple have heard that sta­tis­tic). But more sur­pris­ingly: • The esti­mated inci­dence of infi­delity of one or both part­ners in …

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BOULDER IS NOW THE CLIT TICKLING CAPITOL OF THE WORLD Along with Bikram Yoga, rock climb­ing dur­ing the win­ter, and guz­zling kom­bucha from biodegrad­able, BPA-free, fair-trade beer bongs, Boul­der res­i­dents can now add hav­ing 15-minute long orgasms with 20 strangers to their list of pre-dawn activ­i­ties. Orgas­mic Med­i­ta­tion, or OM, is a not so new, nor sur­pris­ing, trend in med­i­ta­tion focused …

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Are You Turning Off Your Partner Without Knowing It?

Are You Turn­ing Off Your Part­ner With­out Know­ing It? Posted on Jan­u­ary 13, 2015 by Donna Barnes Sev­eral male clients have recently shared with me their frus­tra­tion about girl­friends who don’t seem to care about what they have to say.  Click on for Video.     Younger girls are fre­quently guilty of inter­rupt­ing with­out giv­ing any thought to how rude it is to the per­son speak­ing. ~ Donna Barnes NYU Certified …

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2 Triggers that Push Him Away

2 Trig­gers that Push Him Away Mark Scott When a woman finds her­self in a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion with her man, she freaks out and unknow­ingly does things that push him away from her… I call it the freak out syn­drome. Here’s how the cycle goes: A woman doesn’t under­stand why her man is doing what he’s doing… She then tries to do what she assumes …

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