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Are You Drinking Enough Water

Are You Drink­ing Enough Water to Fight Your Stress? July 17, 2014 by Janet Wolfe When we are hot and thirsty we know we need water. But what about when we are under stress or feel­ing depressed? If we are rush­ing to get every­thing done, it is not uncom­mon to for­get lit­tle things that would help our bod­ies get through the stress …

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9 Simple Ways You Can Relieve Everyday Stress

July 11, 2014 by  Jan Marie Mueller Stress is the largest cul­prit that can bring us down men­tally and phys­i­cally. Here are nine ways you can chase stress away, sim­ply, nat­u­rally and effec­tively! 1. Lis­ten to music – The cor­po­rate cubi­cle farm takes on a com­pletely new aura when you plug in your iPod while work­ing on your com­puter. 2. Talk to a …

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Obstacle Keeping You From Your Dream Man

By Claire Casey Women have more power over men than they could ever sus­pect. A man would rather ask his boss for a raise while dressed only in Papa Smurf box­ers than approach a woman. I know, I know — they approach women all the time! That’s because their acute sense of vul­ner­a­bil­ity around women is only sur­passed by their over­whelm­ing attraction …

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Sex Toys as Teaching Tools

by Sarah B Lemons The days of hushed whis­pers and euphemisms are clear­ing and sex toys are becom­ing more main­stream. Sex toys are mov­ing out into the shelves of drug­stores, right beside con­doms and fer­til­ity tests.Celebrities like Kandi Bur­russ and Kendra Wilkin­son have cre­ated their own line of toys for the bed­room and given more expo­sure to the indus­try. Indi­vid­u­als and couples …

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How to Live Fully In the Present

Stuck In The Past Your mind fluc­tu­ates between a stress­ful thought about a futureevent while simul­ta­ne­ously recall­ing a thought from the past. You’re caught in a vice-like grip buried between two thoughts which hold you cap­tive. You have aban­doned all hope of stay­ing grounded in the present moment, despite your best inten­tions to let go of the inces­sant thoughts. The above scenario …

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