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The Powerful Secrets All Happy Couples Use to Stay Together Forever

By Randy Ben­nett Imag­ine the WORST argu­ment you’ve ever had with your man… You’re yelling, he’s yelling. You’re cry­ing and he doesn’t even seem to care. He retreats to the garage or turns on the TV, you don’t speak for days and any look from either of you feels like a poi­son dart straight to the heart. You may have thought, “We’re getting …

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Do You Believe In Your Vibrator? By Kait Smith EmailPrint Comment 4 feet sex “The power of positive thinking” applies to sex. Share on Facebook Ladies who believe their vibrators help them achieve sexual satisfaction have more orgasms. The power of positive thinking has been proven across several of life’s spectra, and now, we’d like to add one more to the list: sexual satisfaction. More specifically: vibrators, baby. Yes, believing in the power of your vibrator — and thus, its ability to make you orgasm — leads to higher sexual satisfaction, according to a recent study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion. Researchers sought to find out not only how Americans feel about the sexually pleasing toys, but also how beliefs about vibrators correspond to mind-blowing sex. Buying My First Sex Toy? Not So Scary More from YourTango: Ice Cream Dildo? This New Popsicle Explodes In Your Mouth What they found was intriguing indeed. About 75% of women and 80% of men responded to the survey saying they feel vibrators make it easier for a woman to achieve an orgasm and are “a healthy part of many women’s sex lives.” Less than 10% believe vibrators make women dependent on them for pleasure or are “intimidating to women’s partners.” Now, here’s where it gets really juicy — researchers also found that positive beliefs about vibrators were associated with higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Women who had used a vibrator in the past 30 days (and had confidence in its powers!) reported higher levels of arousal and more lubrication. Best of all, they had more orgasms, and felt less pain during intercourse. Good Vibrations: The New Complete Guide to Vibrators Meanwhile, ladies who used vibrators but had negative beliefs about them had no boost in their overall sexual satisfaction. Before you go out and buy your own FixSation (which happens to be our favorite couples vibrator, great for simultaneous orgasms!) there are a few other findings to note. Researchers believe that women who feel more positively about their bodies and sex are more likely to use vibrators and less likely to have sexual issues, which may have led to these results. Similarly, women with higher sex drives may be more sexually satisfied in general and more likely to use a vibrator. So, if you have low sexual satisfaction, it’s not quite as easy as saying “go buy a vibrator.” More from YourTango: India’s Fight Against Rape Faces Another Setback Not that there’s anything wrong with trying! Do you use a vibrator? Do you think it leads to higher sexual satisfaction for you overall?

Do You Believe In Your Vibra­tor? By Kait Smith   “The power of pos­i­tive think­ing” applies to sex. Ladies who believe their vibra­tors help them achieve sex­ual sat­is­fac­tion have more orgasms. The power of pos­i­tive think­ing has been proven across sev­eral of life’s spec­tra, and now, we’d like to add one more to the list: sex­ual sat­is­fac­tion. More specif­i­cally: vibrators, baby. …

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Research: Husband’s Attitude is the Key to a Happy Marriage

 by Mike Bun­drant Watch out, men. Here it comes. Some cred­i­ble sci­en­tists now claim that it is YOUR atti­tude that makes or breaks your mar­riage. Could it be true? First, let’s look at the evi­dence. Then, we can draw some fair con­clu­sions and dis­cover what any rela­tion­ship part­ner can do to make things bet­ter. Researchers from the Uni­ver­sity of Chicago have …

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Do You Make This Fatal Mistake With Men?

By David Wygant How well do you under­stand men? Have you had men go cold on you and you don’t under­stand why? Do you keep hav­ing rela­tion­ships that end in exactly the same way? It doesn’t take a rocket sci­en­tist to work out that men and women think and com­mu­ni­cate very dif­fer­ently… And cou­ples who take the time to learn how their …

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How to React with Intention, Not Emotionally

Donna Barnes http://digitalromanceinc.com/tv/how-to-react-with-intention-not-emotionally/ When you’re feel­ing inse­cure about some­thing in your rela­tion­ship, don’t allow your behav­ior to make that fear a real­ity. When your part­ner does some­thing you don’t like, if you yell at him (or her) and try to con­trol what is hap­pen­ing you’ll only make him defen­sive and cre­ate dis­tance between you. But instead if you decide what …

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